OHM is a family owned company in the fifth generation now, who manufacture pliers since over 100 years. Our company was founded 1885 in Steinbach-Hallenberg (Thuringia) and 1952 we were forced to move to Solingen. In 1998 the family Rassbach tooked over and transferred the production to Hilden ( a neighbour city of Solingen ).

In former times we manufactured special pliers for Goldsmith’s, Opticians, Watchmakers, now we manufacture mainly pliers for the electronic-industrie.

We use modern machinery, but we still need the experience and manual skill of your craftsmen. Each plier, leaving our factory, is inspected and tested by experts, as it is tradition in our company since generations.

Quality and Precision

OHM - Quality and Precision

OHM-pliers are dropforged, a guarantee for an ideal material structure.

OHM-pliers are box jointed, in this technology we do have a 100 jears old experience. A box jointed plier does have a longer life endurance.

OHM-pliers are of German made alloyed carbon steel with certificate. C 45 for gripping pliers and C60 – C67 for cutting pliers.

OHM-pliers are heat treated and annealed in an electronically controlled hardening plant with protected atmoshpere, in addition pure carbon will be added, in order to get a perfect martensitic-structure.
Precise aligned cutting edges are additionally induction hardened at a hardnes of approx. 64° HRC.

OHM-pliers are mechanically processed on special broaching and high-speed milling machines, but each plier, gets its final touch, though skilled craftsmen, ba hand.

OHM-pliers are tested piece per piece and each cutting plier has to pass a cutting test.

OHM is able to offer any kind of surface tretmanet, entire polish, guntmetal and dull chromium plating e.g. but our mirror-polish – a very old traditional technique – rust protection without using chemics, is simply unique.

OHM-smartgrip – touchable ergonomics – perfect function. The new 2-component grip – soft surface without pressure edges, protects the hand and reduces the manual power effort. The special club-shape design to the smartgrip is self centering in whatever position and adapts perfect to the users hand. Fingersupport for sensitve handling.
Fatigue-free working due to soft adjusting double leaf-springs.

OHM-smartgrip handles are available in yellow-black, static dissipative ore made of P.P. + Santoprene, conductive, red black.
Also handles made of PVC, PP or ESD/materials are available on request, we deliver also PVC-coated handles in red.

If you miss a special plier in our line of production do not hesitate and send us your inquiry.

OHM-pliers are guaranteed without limit – against any technical defect or failure in material.